McChinese Lesson

The main issue Chinese learners face in Singapore, where pretty much everyone speaks English. They often lack the opportunity to practise Chinese in real life.
Which is why Xin Zhong Wen, a Chinese centre who focused on practical learning. Bringing real life into Chinese class. By simply getting kids to order in Chinese at selected McDonald’s outlets and they will get a Happy Meal for free.

Before the actual event, we created a jingle teaser to get kids to practise their order too!
Client: Xin Zhong Wen - The Learning Lab
Agency: BLKJ
Category: Social Campaign

Marketing Excellence Award 2019
Excellence in Sponsorship Activation - Gold
Excellence in Experiential Marketing - Gold
Excellence in Customer Engagement - Gold
Excellence in Event Marketing - Silver

Effie Awards Singapore 2020/2021
Youth Marketing - Gold
Small Budgets - Silver

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Jessica, an art director who is experience in integrated campaigns, social, films, UX/UI, graphic designs.